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There will be book arts demonstrations throughout the day of BookFest from 10:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Balloons will be placed on the booths featuring demonstrations. 

Jim Horton

Jim Horton (a now retired instructor of art and graphic design) will demonstrate wood engraving and letterpress printing (having learned engraving from the last remnant of the engraving industry). Wood Engraving is often called the “lost” printmaking medium. The medium is characterized by fine detail and striking pos/neg contrasts. The use of hard end-grain woodblocks as a matrix and the cutting with fine-tipped tools (burins) give visual voice to the engravers’ vision. Before the advent of photography, the engraved image was the main medium of illustration. Just think of the old Sears Catalogue or any magazine in the 19th century. A few of us still revel in the old techniques, especially when combined with letterpress (relief) printing. Jim promises some guest artists, poets and “Printers Devils” to create freebies for passing visitors. 

Out of Hand Papermaking Studio

You are invited to stop by the Out of Hand Papermaking  Studio booths 95-96  when you visit the Kerrytown BookFest.  Karen will be demonstrating the papermaking process, as well as selling hand-made paper, and items made from it. The demonstration area will be set up so that you, too, can make a sheet of paper! 

Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright is an Ann Arborite who is best known for his work as a fairyologist, studying the original appearance of fairy doors, which
provide evidence of urban fairies in our world. Jonathan is also an illustrator and will be demonstrating and discussing some of his
techniques for researching and executing illustrations in pencil and

Randy Asplund

Randy Asplund is a 3rd Millennium book artist making high-end books for lovers of medieval book arts. The books and single pages themselves may be of a more modern subject or style, such as wedding documents, but the materials and techniques used are historical, including real animal skin pages, real gold, and pigments made from gems, animals, plants and "alchemy." At the KTBF Randy will be demonstrating different methods of the process, including making pigments, medieval calligraphy and illustrating, and book binding. Come and see the secrets of the Forgotten Masters who passed down our history by hand and quill!

Kennedy Prints!

Letterpress printer Amos Kennedy will be back at BookFest in booth 39 doing demonstrations throughout the day. Over the past few years a highlight of BookFest for many visitors (and volunteers) has been a visit to the Kennedy Prints! booth where under Amos' instruction, they could make a postcard! 

Chad Pastotnik

Chad Pastotnik established Deep Wood Press in 1992. Deep Wood Press continues a centuries old tradition of hand-made books, bindings and other printed matter. It is very important to Chad to maintain the traditional practices of printmaking, letterpress and book binding. Chad is a longtime favorite of visitors to BookFest and he will be doing demonstrations throughout the day in booths 30-31.

Don't miss these demonstrations at BookFest!
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