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 2017 Schedule of Events
10:30 AM - Main Tent

Community Book Award Winner Presentation - James and Robin Agnew 

11:00 AM - Main Tent

"Women in History" with Laurel Huber Davis, Theresa Kaminski, Greer Macallister and Pamela Toler with Barbara Mhangami-Ruwende as moderator

11:00 AM - Kerrytown Concert House 
"Terror in the City of Champions" with Tom Stanton moderated by D.E. Johnson

11:00 AM - Kerrytown Tent
Mother Goose

11:45 AM - Kerrytown Tent

"Everyone Loves Dogs!" with Cartoonist Dave Coverly and Stacie Grissom and Morgane Chang from Bark Box and a FUNDRAISER for the Humane Society of Huron Valley Bountiful Bowls Program - Please bring dry dog or cat food or cat litter on the day of the event for donation to the program

12:15 PM - Main Tent

"Historical Suspense" with James R. Benn, Anna Lee Huber and Deanna Raybourn moderated by Nancy Herriman 

12:15 PM - Kerrytown Concert House

"The Kelloggs: The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek" with Howard Markel 

1:00 PM - Kerrytown Tent

"Fantasy and Adventure" with Middle Grade author Ted Sanders and moderated by Molly McCaffrey

1:30 PM - Main Tent

"Literary Leanings" with Peter Ho Davies, Simon Van Booy moderated by Douglas Trevor

1:30 PM - Kerrytown Concert House 

"Civil Rights in 1960's Detroit" with Stephen M. Ward and the story of James and Grace Lee Boggs

2:15 PM - Kerrytown Tent

"YA Authors From Michigan!" with Erica Chapman, Kristin Bartley Lenz, Heather Meloche and Darcy Woods moderated by Patrick Flores-Scott

2:45 PM - Main Tent

"Short Stories from 'Bob Seger's House'" with Ellen Airgood, Loren D. Estelman, Gordon Henry and Michael Zadoorian moderated by M.L. Liebler  
2:45 PM - Kerrytown Concert House 
"A $500 Dollar House in Detroit" with Drew Philip and moderated by Desiree Cooper

3:30 PM - Kerrytown Tent

"Page Turning Thrillers" with David Bell, Karen Dionne and Stephen Mack Jones moderated by Elizabeth Heiter 

4:00 pm - Main Tent

"Poetic Musings" with Robert Fanning, Cindy Hunter Morgan, Keith Taylor and Z.G. Tomaszewski moderated by Zilka Joseph 
4:00 pm - Kerrytown Concert House
"Washtenaw Literacy Volunteer Workshop" - Learn about becoming a volunteer for Washtenaw Literacy                                                   
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